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Shane Mulligan

  • Shane Mulligan

    2004 - PhD Philosophy, Politics, and Language, University of Cambridge

    2000 - MA Politics, Queen's University

    1996 - BSc Biology, University of Guelph

    Academic Background

    Dr Mulligan has researched and written on global environmental problems and policy for almost twenty years. He describes his interdisciplinary work as part of the sphere of political ecology. His research has focused on national and international decision making around biodiversity conservation, prospecting of genetic resources, genetically modified organisms and biosecurity, environment and food security, climate change, fossil fuels and renewable energy policies, forest ecology, and land use change.

    Publishing History

    Dr Mulligan has published nine peer-reviewed articles, all as first author, in journals including Environmental Politics, Political Studies, Millennium, and Global Environmental Politics. He has also contributed chapters to four edited volumes, and sub-authored the second edition of an academic textbook on global environment and policy.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    During his academic career Dr Mulligan edited numerous manuscripts for students and colleagues, and he co-edited a volume of the Cambridge Review of International Affairs in 2002. He taught for five years after completing his PhD. His freelance work has included editing online courses for the Renewables Academy (Berlin) and work with the World Wind Energy Association. Dr Mulligan joined Edanz as an editor in 2021.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Mulligan's writing has appeared in a number of academic journals, four edited volumes, and an undergraduate textbook. He has published articles in print and online journals including Guelph Tribune, New Statesman, Irish Tech News, PV Buzz, and Invest in Blockchain.